Ialomitei Cave


Ialomita Cave is at an altitude of 1.500 m on the right side of the Ialomitei Canyon.

At the entrance to the cave is a monastery (Ialomitei Monastery), built in the sixteenth century, founded by the Voivode of Romanian Country, Mihnea the Evil.

Cave takes place on one level over a length of approximately 480 m, of which 400 m are accessible to tourists, to the point called “the Shrine” upstream portion followed by another 80 m, with galleries and halls.


The cave has a mixed development, presenting both galleries and halls.

Contact and information:

Address: Bucegi Natural Park, Busteni, Romania

How to get there:

From Busteni take the cable car to Babele and then change cable car in direction Pestera (Cave). Then by foot 10 min. on the off road (there are also markings with Ialomita Cave).

Mountain route: from Busteni by foot to Pestera ( Ialomitei Cave) 6-7 hours (follow mark Blue Cross).

Opening hours:

Daily: 9:00 – 17:00


Adult: 10 lei
Children: Free